Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homemade Skin Cream

Rachel Berry from Sierra Botanica came over and first showed us edible weeds and herbs in the yard.  She helped us tune into the sensitivity of the plants and how to pick them with love and respect.

We then went inside and learned how to make skin cream with olive oil, herbal infusion and beeswax. Everyone participated. Very fun.  I was impressed with how she worked with the girls.

We all left with our own home made cream which I've been using every day. My skin is loving it.

Silly Day

We had plans of a certain art project, but when I met up with the girls, it was clear that we had to follow a different plan to lighten the energy  We began with free dancing and spinning and allowing space for letting go.

Even at this age, kids feel a lot of pressures and stress. It was raining, but why not walk in the rain?  So as they were walking out the door, I handed each a cookie, and they were asked to make up a nonsense sentence before they headed out.  Example: "I'm so glad it's raining beause the purple dog wanted to fly while driving his car."

And there it began.  We all talked completely silly for the entire rainy walk. By the end, the energy was light and giggly and full of nonsensical ideas.

Sometimes getting nothing "done" is the most efficient way to happiness.

Rock River Ritual

On our last gathering before Spring break, we went the Yuba river and found a glorious spot with huge rocks, a cave and a sandy beach.  Because one girl was having a particularly hard day, I was inspired to do a short ritual with everyone.  Mainly, everyone needed to play and explore, so I made it short.

Each girl found a rock to hold. I asked everyone to feel their feet on the sand, and tune into what they felt inside their bodies and where.  And then to breath space into that place allowing it to be explaining that it's okay to have sadness, anger, fear etc. And from here asking them to ask for help to let go of that sadness, anger etc., from Spirit, their guide, the sun or whatever form feels right to them.

And then we all threw our rocks in the river.

The whole ritual took less then 5 minutes.

The energy shifted, and the girl who was having a hard day was light  happy about an hour later.  Maybe the ritual helped.  : )

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Acts of Valentine Cards

The girls made simple Valentines on red paper writing things like, "You are appreciated", "You are loved", "Thank you for all you do", "Happy Valentines' Day" etc.  They decorated them with fun stamps, and then we drove around to a local store, gas station, cafe and a business, and randomly handed them out!  People were so touched and the girls loved it!  Several people said it "made their day". After we were done, one girl said, "I love making other people happy!"

Friendship Bracelets

My fifteen year old daughter came in and taught the girls how to make friendship bracelets.  She knows several techniques. The girls naturally got into, "Oh, I know who I'm giving mine to"  etc.  When we were done, my daughter had them stand in a circle and pass the bracelets in a circle to music and when the music stopped, they stopped passing and began again when the music started up.  At the end, each girl had a friendship bracelet and it became a group friendship rather than one friendship.  They also made extras for other girls in their classes at school so no one would feel left out.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Play

So a few examples of what we've done in recent weeks include  Sharing Nature games from Joseph Cornell's book, Sharing Nature With Children, a visualization into the wilderness to connect with one's guardian angel, listening games, making friendship bracelets, dancing, picking fairy cards, singing, sharing how we need support, and making a gratitude collage.

I've been bringing awareness into how we listen to each other, and encouraging the girls to be patient with themselves as it's a wonderful skill, but not always easy. For everyone who finished their collage, they are asked to put it on their altar.  If they don't have an altar yet, they are asked to create one at home.

In the Meadow

Girls playing the game "Doctor Doctor" where they tangle themselves up and have to untangle themselves without letting go of each others' hands.

A trust game where each girl gets in the middle of the circle and allows herself to fall into our arms.