Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Service

One afternoon, we gathered together in a circle and shared snack.  While we ate I brought up the idea of 'secret service' - helping another without them knowing who had helped them.  This is a really important concept as we often, unconsciously, seek to be rewarded for our actions.  Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong in being praised and recognized for our actions, but when seeking praise becomes the motivating factor, we lose some of the joy that is available to us when we serve because we truly want to help another.  So, with this in mind, I suggested that we find ways to help in the surrounding community without anyone knowing who had helped.  This also has such a huge element of fun, and it is hugely uplifting and exciting to participate in a secret... especially one that brings joy to others!

The girls all decided that they would like to offer their service to the school they attend.  It was a five minute walk away so off we went, with the girls talking excitedly about what they would like to do.  We arrived at the school, and noticed that the cubby area was looking somewhat worse for wear, so some of us started there, sweeping and picking up trash, coats, shoes etc.  Others worked on picking up the bikes and roller blades, and cleaning the bathrooms.  When we had finished, we left a flower outside each classroom door, and beautiful anonymous messages on the noticeboards.

We got together in a circle afterwards and shared with each other what we enjoyed about the experience of serving in secret.  The girls were all feeling really happy with themselves, feeling bubbly and uplifted with the joy of service.  They had shared in a special secret gift-giving ceremony together, and the experience of that sharing and joy was all the reward they needed.

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